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on Monday, March 28, 2011 | 1 comments
It's been almost two months since we left for our cruise. It feels like five months. Turns out a toddler (plus a full time job) keeps a person busy. We don't have any really exotic trips on the horizon, just an upcoming weekend on Hilton Head Island in SC and another weeklong trip to the same island in July. Hilton Head has become our default beach vacation when we don't want to travel far. While the beaches leave something to be desired for this Caribbean-loving girl, the restaurants, biking and shopping really can't be beat. Plus, we have good friends who live there, so it's kind of like going home.

We are also redoing our deck. We're expanding the deck, redoing the boards, relocating and rebuilding the stairs, and then covering the whole 14 x 20 space. Dave demolished our deck yesterday, except for the support boards. A few days of manual labor will be good for him. Pictures coming soon on the deck project. It's a larger project than we'd anticipated, but we're excited about the results.


Kim said...

YAY...seems as though we always have house projects...we took a wall out between our kitchen and family was a mess while it was happening but worth it. Looking forward to your pictures...

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