Traveling Cleverly Since 2001

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As 2011 is quickly ticking away its final hours, it's occurred to me that a lot has happened this year. I have: (i) changed jobs, (ii) gone on two "adult" trips, (iii) gotten pregnant, (iv) survived a 20 person family beach trip, (v) dealt with an exhausting pregnancy, (vi) had a baby, (vii) had surgery (see "had a baby") and a whole bunch of other cool crap I've forgotten about. Frankly, I'm spent. And now I'm back to work full-time. Lord have mercy.

On the travel front, I believe I hit six new countries this year. Not bad for a pregnant mommy, eh? Okay, okay, five of them were cruise ports, but still! Five places I'd never been, and five new adventures. I went to St. Croix, Dominica, St. Kitts, Grenada, Tobago and Bermuda. Are you sensing a theme? I might like beaches. I'm not sure.

When I think about 2012, I want the courage to travel more with my kids. I think I don't give my oldest son enough credit. I worry about how every new environment, scenario and stage of life will affect him. He seems to roll with the punches. He's starting a new school on January 3rd. He's been at the same place since he was 12 weeks old, and I am sick for him. I don't want him to be scared or confused. But I guess those things will happen regardless of what I do, right?

We are taking the kids to Isla Mujeres in May for a family wedding, so that'll be our first official "fancy" vacation adventure with two little ones in tow. I've got, like, four months to plan. That *should* be sufficient. If not, I'll just ask our relatives to push back the wedding.

Here's my favorite travel picture of me from this year, taken as we departed St. Kitts. I only wish I had a trip like this coming up again this winter... and that I could fit into that dress right now.
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The good news? My kids are great travelers. Meaning, the actual, physical act of getting from one place to another is easy with them. Car ride, plane ride, boat ride... they both seem to enjoy it all. Our problems start when the motion stops. We spent the Christmas holidays with my husband's family in NC. The 5 hour ride was fine both ways. The baby slept, the toddler rotted his brain with Toy Story 2 (over and over and over).

When we got there, our toddler was having a blast. Cousins galore, presents, attention all over the place. The baby, on the other hand, may favor his British ancestory more than his Italian. The noise was not for him. These are loud people; I frequently have to remove myself from the "festivities." I get it. But he would not sleep. Would not.

Consequently, he slept all but 3 hours yesterday, the day we went home. I am exhausted. And today I'm back to work full-time. My 10th anniversary kid-free time cannot come soon enough.
on Monday, December 19, 2011 | 2 comments
Still here, I promise! Second Wee Nomad born in early October, little travel since then as you can imagine. Though he has been on his first plane ride to Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday!

2012 is going to bring some new adventures. We are visiting Isla Mujeres for a family wedding May (time to get that baby a passport!) and likely Belize for a couples trip in June to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We have so much to look forward to! As we travel, I'll be sure to update or check in from time to time.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!