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on Monday, April 18, 2011 | 1 comments
I've been rather silent around these parts, mostly because I've been slammed busy. Our deck renovation project is well underway. We've completed demo of the existing deck, have expanded and built the new deck and stairs, and the contractor is now constructing the covered area. It's a large area - 21' x 14' - and we're excited to have a little bit of vacation right outside our back door. We cannot wait until it's complete. The structure should be complete by the end of the day tomorrow, and all that's left is putting the rails up this weekend and then painting. But, by the end of this weekend, we'll be able to use it! So pumped. I'll post pictures of the process once it's all complete. Mr. Nomad has been doing a ton of extra work, so he has monopolized the laptop at night.

On another front, we have some Nomad News. I'm pregnant - again! Yes, I am 13.5 weeks along with our second (and probably last) child. We are really excited but also a tad nervous. We're going to have a hectic couple of years, but we cannot wait to travel and share our adventures with our wee nomads.

We did get the chance for a weekend getaway recently. Last weekend we headed to Hilton Head Island, SC - this is our default getaway. It's 4 hours from our house, we have good friends there, and there is a ton to do besides the beach. We love riding bikes on the many trails, eating at the good restaurants, shopping (well, I like the shopping), hanging out at waterside restaurants and checking out the boats at the various marinas. For us, even though the water lacks that Caribbean blue that I so love, Hilton Head offers so much to do. Plus, we've been there so often it feels like a second home.

Even though I love traveling far and wide, stateside getaways has their advantages. Where's your favorite "close to home" getaway?


Kim said...

Congratulations on your newest nomad...thats wonderful news. We live in Chesapeake VA so we love OBX/Nags Head...its only an hour away but feels like we're a million miles from home. My husbands family also owns a little place in Gumneck North Carolina...just outside of Columbia...its not a beach setting but a 'country' in the boones kind of place. Its relaxing and beautiful...Have a great Easter weekend and keep your posts coming...I really enjoy your blog.

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