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on Friday, April 22, 2011 | 0 comments
Mr. Nomad and I are jaunting off on an adult weekend away in June! This time, we're headed to Maine to celebrate our 9th anniversary. It's going to be my first time in New England, and I'm excited to see a new (for me) part of the country. We only have three nights, which limited our choices somewhat. We decided it's best to fly into Portland, since it's a direct flight from Atlanta. This does limit our options on where we can go, since we don't want to undertake a four hour car ride to famous Bar Harbor for such a short trip.

Instead, we've decided to focus on the southern coast of Maine. We're staying in that famous Republican stomping ground, Kennebunkport. It's been a vacation spot since long before the Bush family made it famous, and frankly, I just like saying Kennebunkport. Kennebunkport. Kennebunkport. It's fun. Try it.

Plus, turns out Maine isn't all that warm in June. So, the further south, the warmer. I'll probably be in wool sweaters.

After lots of research and review reading, we've decided on the Captain Fairfield Inn, seen here in snowier times:

This B&B is slowly undergoing a redecorating room-by-room. It's going from a traditional, old-lady style decor to a modern, sleek look. I am very excited to see it in person. We've opted to stay in a newly renovated room, sight unseen. Apparently there is pomegranate paint, a wallpapered accent wall and a zebra headboard. Sold.

Plus, it's haunted.

Now, we just have to make decisions on what to do. Whale watching, biking, eating a White Barn Inn, the only AAA 5-star restaurant north of Boston? All of it?

So excited about our new adventure.


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