Traveling Cleverly Since 2001

on Monday, May 9, 2011 | 0 comments
As usual, I spoke too soon. Maine was booked (well, the hotel was...) and then there was a change of heart. Blame my fickle pregnancy hormones, blame my insatiable lust for blue water, blame the fact that I hate shellfish. Blame it on any of those, but really, you can blame Delta for running a fabulous sale fare to Bermuda.

So, Bermuda it is for that long weekend, not Maine. Ultimately, I convinced the hubs by explaining to him that Bermuda is only in the high 70s during the time of the year we're visiting, and I think that sold him. Plus, I really, really want to get out in the water. When I'm big and prego, it's nice to be weightless, even if for a few moments.


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