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When it comes to traveling, I'm kind of cheap. I'll spend a fortune on some things (like a private boat charter), but I tend to cut some corners when choosing where I'll stay. For me, $250 a night is a lot to spend on a hotel, even in the Caribbean in mid-winter. Again - I'm kind of cheap.

You can imagine my surprise when my Bermuda research led me to the conclusion that one cannot score a beachfront hotel for less than $350/night. Actually, $450 and up is more like it. That is, IF you can find a room at all. Apparently June is high season and it's no joke. I even searched for cottage rentals but they were mostly booked six weeks out. Anyways, we wanted a hotel for such a short trip. So, we made some compromises. We've decided to stay at a lovely hotel in Hamilton that, while not beachfront, is rated #1 on TripAdvisor. It's called Royal Palms and it's pink(ish) and it has a pool and a full breakfast included. We're off to a good start.

The advantage to our location is that we can walk to dinner each night, saving a fortune on cab fare. I know that Bermuda has a great bus system, but frankly, I don't have the patience for that when pregnant. We did the bus thing in Italy last time I was prego, and I almost killed a bitch. Twice.

We've decided to rent a Boston Whaler boat for one of our days (we can walk to our pick-up point) and then, on our other full day, we'll grab a scooter and venture to the South Shore of the island. I'm really excited about our boat day. It'll be kind of like a dinghy day on St. John, but with a more comfortable craft. We can jump out and swim, tour the shoreline and get some snorkeling in.

We plan to take it pretty easy this trip and enjoy ourselves, with no too much planned. Except to spend a lot of money. Bermuda is not cheap. Entrees at "good" restaurants are $40 and up. Entrees and "reasonably" priced places are $20 and up. That's serious cash - though I guess not too much different from St. John when you really compare. Any ideas for cheap(er) eats in Bermuda?


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