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on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | 0 comments
Our deck remodel project is finally coming to a close. The structure has been complete since April, but we are just now finishing the staining and painting process. Overall, this process was painless. We had planned this expansion for two years and spent plenty of time gathering estimates and designing the architecture. We are fortunate to have a family member (Mr. Nomad's brother) who builds decks in his spare time, so we were able to do the deck expansion and stair replacement at a significant discount. We received an excellent contractor recommendation from my boss, and he and his partner did a fantastic job. Detailed, on time and on budget.

Strangely, finding a painter has been the hardest, which is why it took so long. We received four estimates, and tried to hire two of the guys after estimates were provided. We never received return phone calls. We tried each one twice. Oh well. We finally settled on another co-worker recommendation, and they have one days' work remaining. I'll post final pictures in a few days, but here are progress photos:

Our boring, awful, ugly, dusty, hot builder deck (this day was rainy, but our deck is completely exposed to sun until 3:00 pm). Dimensions 10x20 feet:

Mr. Nomad knocking the old deck down to the joists:


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