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on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | 2 comments
We wanted to completely rebuild the deck for many reasons. First, the builder did a terrible job. The boards were uneven, warped, improperly cut and the pickets were ugly. Since our deck is above our walk-in basement, the straight 16-stair staircase was both ugly and dangerous for our children. Plus, the size was just too darn small. At 10x20, the deck managed to be too long and narrow. The dimensions were off. We decided to keep the length, but added four feet to make the deck 14x20. Plus, we added a 6x6 platform at the top of the stairs.

Mr. Nomad, hard at work:

Gabe: I like manly work:

Finished product, washed down:

Silly brothers building stairs:

Done for now! Next up, we add the roof and columns. Rails are the last detail. Total build time, about 4 days. 


Kip said...

Your new deck looks stunning! It really sucks to hire someone only to do a terrible job on something that seems very easy to do. Hence, your new deck is far better than the previous one and your new carpenter appears to have done a pretty awesome construction to your new deck. Congratulations!

Kip Whitehead

Alan McCoy said...

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